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Depesh Mandalia has been delivering sales through online marketing for a few decades, with executive level roles as Chief Marketing Office (CMO) and VP of Growth for 7 and 8-figure businesses.

As an entrepreneur & CEO, he's created multiple 7-figure businesses in affiliate marketing, ads agency and training.

He's helped many thousands globally to turn ads into profits from stage and via communities, podcasts, masterminds and through writing, one of his biggest joys.

Depesh is currently CEO at SM Commerce (SMC) and is founder of The BPM Method, a growth marketing framework combining mass consumer influence and the taming of complex ad platforms.

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My Journey Part 1: Entrepreneurial Spark

Hey, Depesh here. Enough of the formal 3rd person writing. 

Let's get to know each other, I'll go first. 

Aged 10 I went door to door selling a 'car washing service' for £2 a wash. 

I really wanted a pair of Rebook Pump sneakers (friends all had them) but we couldn't afford them. I saw some at a car boot sale (garage sale) and decided I needed them

My entrepreneurial journey started for a pair of sneakers.

In my 20's, despite spending more time as a DJ/producer, or playing football (soccer) than figuring out life, I took corporate roles in tech and eventually online marketing. 

I was fortunate to find a route into the 'make money online' world through affiliate marketing in 2009 and from then on was determined to start my own business - and I've since gone on to create multiple 7-figure ventures.

Part 2: Entrepreneurial Ambition

My company, SM Commerce exists today as an agency, consulting, training and coaching business.

But in 2012 it was an affiliate marketing business, thanks to losing a steady job of 5 years and being forced to find a new way of making money.

I put years of traffic secrets, offer building and funnel optimisation knowledge into generating commission based revenue.. right up until my reliance on a single source of traffic, Google SEO (organic) came crashing down.

But without that I wouldn't have tested other platforms and after years of wasted ad spend, in 2014 I took an Ecom biz from $800k to $8M in revenue through Facebook advertising before scaling again to over $25M in 12 months.

This caught Facebook's attention and had me featured in articles, live events and a VIP trip to Facebook HQ (Menlo Park, California, USA.)

In 2017 I had various opportunities, but through Facebook's advice, I decided I'd start freelancing and soon started an ads agency...

Part 3: Accepting Entrepreneurship

By the end of 2018, SM Commerce (SMC) had established itself as a high performance Facebook ads agency, with multiple staff, clients and big results.

In 2018 we created our breakthrough impact by finally sharing our successes and our methodologies with the world. 

By 2019, I was travelling to a new country every month; to speak, to host my own masterminds, network at events or attend other people's masterminds in places as far apart as Las Vegas and Fiji.

SMC's generated over $100M in online sales (we stopped tracking exact numbers years ago), in over 32 countries for over one hundred businesses small and large.

As CEO, my ambition is to create meaningful impact with the clients we work with. 

I've seen how easy it can be to make money online. I now want to show a million other people this path too.

We've created many millionaires and helped people reach their goals faster. But I'm far more proud of the ongoing impact on the advertising community to help individuals realise their own ambitions through the power of our advertising system.

A system I call The BPM Method.

Part 4: "I want to THANK YOU for helping save my business!"

That was a message from Jeff, an early student of my first Facebook Ads training program in 2018.

He was making losses with his business. But finally found a quick and simple system that he understood and worked for him to turn his business around.

Not only did he save his business, his message gave me a new meaning to the world of online training and events at a time I nearly walked away from it.

I could literally save businesses and improve people's lives through the knowledge I had. 

A new 'why' was born.

Part 5: The 100 Year-Old "BPM Method"

In 1998 I wrote my first piece of HTML - a cool looking website. I was hooked to this internet thing. 

By the early 2000's I saw how companies were using this cool thing to actually make money too.

I sucked up knowledge from books, forums, articles, events and anything I could to learn more about marketing and specifically, advertising. Leads. Sales. Everything.

My marketing heroes at the time, and still today, included Ogilvy, Hopkins, Halbert and Schwartz. Pioneers.

Then also Kahneman, Ariely, Krug and others.

I wanted to learn 'marketing' - instead I learned more about human behaviour and psychology - and I loved it.

My corporate life in the 2000's added the knowledge of the 3-letter acronyms we all love like 'CPM', 'CPC' and 'CPA'... and how to manipulate them.

But it wasn't until a decade later that I tied it all together into a system.

Realising how everything we do in marketing is aimed at some form of influence. The technical stuff was important, but a distraction.

In 2015 I began teaching this to others one to one as part of a startup accelerator program.

In 2018 I launched an online training program for Facebook ads to big success.

In doing so I realised the way people were being taught online advertising was so wrong.

Thus, The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method was established to help advertisers create brilliant ad campaigns that influenced both the human mind and the machine based ad platforms.

The teachings of a 100 years and more, built into a simple to execute process for the modern digital advertiser. 

Final Part: Enjoying The Journey

Much of my life evolves around my family, being a 'work from home dad' thanks to the power of internet marketing and Facebook.

It took me over a decade of corporate life to finally break free from the 9-5 handcuffs into wealth creation and to enjoy the journey; travelling to new cultures, enriching experiences with new people and sharing the journey with my family.

Me and my wife of 20 years now live in the shadows of The Rockies in Canada with our 5 kids and 2 dogs.

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